Hey Murakami Fans

It’s not too late to raise your hand for a signed first edition of 1Q84 by entering our “Ten Things” contest. There were fewer than 300 of these signed books produced, and they feature different versions of the author’s autograph.

(Check it out: here are three Murakami fans at an opening night party in Brooklyn – each happy reader got a different version of the signed first edition.)


We’ve already gotten some great “Ten Things” contest submissions, and we’ve also gotten some desperate pleas for more time.

We get it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, War and Peace wasn’t written in a day, and 1Q84 can’t be read in a day. (Though actually if anyone thinks they CAN read 1Q84 in one day, that could be a whole other contest.) And super creative “Ten Things” lists can’t just be written at the drop of a hat.  

So (drumroll please) we are officially extending the deadline for the “Ten Things Haruki Murakami Made Me Think Of” Contest until December 31st, 2011. Unplug the phone, kick off your shoes, pour yourself some sake, and write up an entry. If Santa doesn’t make you happy this holiday season, maybe Alfred A. Knopf can.

Full contest details are here, and as before please send all submissions to us at bluestone@randomhouse.com.

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